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Cipher (CPR) is A Utility Token For The Crypto Community. The community will get rewards, prizes, offers and promotions in Cipher token by utilizing our mobile and web applications service or program. It is well advanced and secured token management system powered by Ethereum Blockchain. It is a ERC20 token.

Our Aim Is To Create Unified Ecosystem Business Without Conducting an ICO. It is Purely NON ICO Business Model.  We target to distribute the Cipher token when a person utilize our service or program. Cipher Tokens Transactions are Truly Efficient, Transparent, And tradeable.  

 Our Technique And Management Skills Is To Create A Safe And Easy-To-Adapt  the Tokenization in our business and easy use of our services or programs. We Included Reliable Token Payment Integration Along With KYC / CDD (Know Your Customer / Customer Due Diligence) With Anti Money Laundering Compliance.

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Cipher Mobile Apps are Offers Better Personalized content activity, faster, interactive, easy to maintain, high scalability, secured data and provides Real Time application access.

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Cipher Token distribution is an NON ICO business model.



Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

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