We have created a podium to buy and sell crypto assets.

We are energizing the new equity Ethereum blockchain - that is safe, efficient and transparent to use podium, and completely enlighten the way business raise capital and the way investors buy and sell crypto assets.

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Why Cipher Token?

Cipher (CPR) is Ethereum based ERC20 token for the crypto community to fund and raise capital through crypto assets by trading with crypto exchange, crypto advertising podium, crypto social media podium,health management information and advanced education learning podiums through latest technology.

Our technique and management skills is to create a safe and easy-to-adapt token based business on Ethereum blockchain. We included reliable Token payment integration along with KYC / CDD (know your customer / Customer Due Diligence) with Anti Money Laundering complaince.

Our target is to trade top crypto assets into unified Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem and make transaction truly efficient, transparent, and safe.

The Cipher App

After enrolling into our mobile application, you can handle everything. All you need is smartphone and an internet connection to participate in world crypto currency market.


The mobile application is a computer technical program to run on a mobile device/Tablet. The mobile application is easy to use when compared to desktop computers. The mobile application is also safe,secure and easy to carry everywhere. The mobile application is easily accesible anywhere even with low speed internet.

  • Coin / Token - Crypto News Curation
  • Simple Language Explanation
  • Easy Technical Understanding
  • Secured Wallet Installation
  • Reliable,fast and expertised Network
  • Less transaction fees
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Cipher Token distribution is an NON ICO business model. To Buy, Sell and Trade Cipher (CPR) is available at, and

Daily price and market analysis of Cipher ( CPR) available at,

Cipher Token Registration

Sign up Reward 100 Cipher


Sign up Reward 100 Cipher

Ethereum Talk Registration

Sign up Reward 100 Cipher

Cipher Token Purchase Reward at Cipher Exchange

Referral Reward upto 10%

Officially Launched On: April 20 2018

Airdrop Started On : April 20 2018

Airdrop Ended On : July 31 2018



Our Roadmap

Jan 2018

Software development team formation.

Feb 2018

Software development company formation

March 2018

Token Creation and web/app development

Apr 2018

Token official Launch

Apr 2018

Ethereum Talk Website Launch

Apr 2018

Ethermarketcap App and Website Launch

Apr 2018

Cipher exchange website alpha launch

May 2018

Cipher wallet and exchange mobile app launch

June 2018

21 Days mobile app launch

July 2018

Exchange development Phase 2

May 2019


July 2019

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